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Butt plugs and men always shared an intimate area, especially when talking about butt plugs for call girls. The most optimal and effective anal accessories for the stronger sex! Try traffic jams designed specifically for men – they will turn your vision of what a male orgasm should be. With these toys, the sensations will become even more frank and voluptuous experiences even more lasting. Butt plug will allow you to comprehend fresh sensations and will open up a vast space for fantasies and experiments, both with a partner and with individual caresses. Hence, the sex toy you need in hotels. In addition, the competent application of anal plug will provide a wonderful opportunity to diversify classic sex and even shorten the recovery time after ejaculation. We can safely say that this is the thing that every modern man should have. There is a wide selection of anal plugs for men with different modes of stimulation of the anus, including combined with erection rings and vibro-elements. The choice is yours.

How to choose in a huge variety the best butt plug for men, taking into account physiological features, what to look for when buying so that it becomes a source of sexual pleasure and joy. Thumbing through the catalogs of sex shops is easy to get into a dead end, even if you already have the first experience of anal caress and in general terms, imagine what you would like. What can we say about beginners who are just beginning to explore their own sensuality?

Unfortunately, those who are just stepping on the path of knowing the vast and multi-faceted world of sexual pleasures can often gather information from advertising, porn or scrappy and unsystematic information on the Web, and very often get frustrated after they have the cherished butt plug. The most common cause of this phenomenon is a passion for megalomania or a complete lack of understanding of the axioms of the functioning of the human body: the result of the first anal experiments will be pain and discomfort.

A bit of anatomy

In order for your first experiments with anal stimulation to take place at five plus, it is necessary at least in general terms to imagine how the human anus works and the anus of a man in particular.

Inside the anus there are internal and external sphincters, which contract during any unauthorized intrusion attempt. The external sphincter is coordinated by the central nervous system, and after a little training it can be learned to relax with an effort of will. And the internal sphincter is under the guidance of the autonomic nervous system and our desires do not affect it in any way.

Nerve endings that are present in large numbers in the muscle walls of the anus will instantly respond to terrible pain if you try to “break through” into the ass with brute force. In order for anal sex to give heavenly pleasure, you need to act extremely delicately and gently. And here the anal plug comes to the rescue, which will help “train” a little and stretch the muscles of the anus.

A few words about the size

If you are only at the beginning of the path of understanding the mystery of anal pleasures, you should not chase the large size of the anal plug. Of course, the overall toy looks bold and excites many erotic fantasies, but unprepared muscle rings – the internal and external sphincters are likely to respond to you with acute pain and noticeable discomfort from the invasion of the plague.

Start to learn the pleasure with the help of a small anal plug, and even better for this delicate mission fit a set of anal plug, consisting of 2-4 plugs of different sizes. For starters, I can recommend Love Plugs beginner’s kit for anal play, or you can around for type and cool design that you feel comfortable with. Your ass will be ready for anal penetration only after the volumetric traffic jam from the set dives into the anus without unpleasant sensations. After this, the “training” of the muscles of the anus can be considered complete.