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There’s this notion that only women use adult toys. Men don’t need to experiment with their bodies; they’re fine without toys. The only time when guys should come close to sex toys is when they’re having intercourse with their female partners. However, we’re here to tell you that’s garbage.

Just like girls, men can and should enjoy various toys and gadgets to make the most of their sex lives. Our article aims to introduce you to some of the most popular toys made for men and eventually help you choose the right one for you. So buckle up — we’re going hunting for sex toys for men.

Time to Face the Reality — Men Need Sex Toys

Since the society we live in is becoming increasingly tolerant with each passing year, there’s no need for guys to feel shame about their physical and emotional needs. No one expects men to be stiff, silent types anymore. Sure, being a tough, macho guy is cool and all, but there’s no point in acting like it if it makes you feel bad.

Whether you’re looking to explore your sexuality or have issues stopping you from enjoying your body to its full extent, it’s more than okay to use adult toys. Luckily, the sex toy industry is aware of this. You can find all sorts of products and gadgets to up your sex game. From silicone dildos to cock rings, the market is full of spectacular toys waiting for men to finally accept reality.

Not only do sex toys help make the most of your body, but they also help you keep it in shape and avoid sex-related health issues like prostate cancer. How? Our bodies need sexual pleasure to work at their optimal capacity. With the use of sex toys — you get just that.

Here’s What You Need to Have in Your Drawer, Bro

Since there’s so much on the market these days, it’s pretty easy to lose yourself while searching for that perfect sex toy. But don’t worry. We’ll list some of the most popular products out there and hopefully, help you pick the right one for you.

Of course, we’re all different, and what suits one guy might not work for the other. However, our list is pretty diverse — it covers all sorts of needs and kinks one might have.

The Male Equivalent of Dildos: Masturbation Sleeves

From fleshlights to pocket pussies, cock sleeves have many names. Nevertheless, they all mean the same thing — perfect masturbation. In short, these rude boys are toys that simulate female vaginas. Interestingly enough, their initial use was for medical purposes and animal breeding.

Masturbation sleeves are made from medical-grade silicone. The reason — reducing the risk of potential skin irritation or allergic reactions that some might experience with other materials. They’re sometimes heated and have lubrication inside to reduce friction and make the whole thing more pleasurable.

Sleeves come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. Still, you can split them into two main categories — vibrating and manual. The first ones have batteries that allow the toy to be in motion while your penis is inside it. This way, the act feels much more realistic and unpredictable. On the other hand, manual sleeves are also called strokers, which is self-explanatory.

Sleeves can be human-like and appear as vaginas or anuses, or they can have some otherworldly, alien design. The realistic ones are fleshlights. These toys resemble famous porn star vaginas and anuses, coming with all sorts of little details. From pubic hair to pussy lips, fleshlights are impeccable sex toy replicas you must try.

The Male Equivalent of Vibrators: Cock Rings

Cock rings are toys that go around the base of your penis. Their primary purpose is to help a guy maintain a long-lasting erection by restricting the blood flow once his penis is fully erect. It means that no blood will leave his reproductive organ once the ring is in place. On the other hand, some love the look and enjoy it simply as a garment.

Just like sleeves, rings come in all sorts of designs and sizes too. Some can vibrate and make the whole deal much more enjoyable. They’re like male vibrators, while the manual ones are like dildos. Moreover, they’re a great way to reach an unforgettable erection and enjoy plowing long after you spill your load for the first time. Cock rings are made from silicone and many other types of materials, even the metal ones available in lovegasm.

For more pleasure, you can place them around your scrotum (the base of your testicles). If you research the ones that vibrate, you’ll probably come across toys that have extensions that massage your perineum. The perineum is the part of your body between your testicles and your anus. It’s the perfect spot for stimulation since it can lead to a powerful prostate orgasm.

The Male Equivalent of Butt Plugs: Prostate Stimulators

It’s no secret that guys also have that one spot that leads to intense orgasms. Just like the G-spot is important for girls, boys are all about their prostate play. Therefore, the adult industry has toys that stimulate the prostate and make you forget all about your run-of-the-mill jerking off. Some also call them prostate massagers.

Prostate stimulators are pretty similar to anal beads and butt plugs. Users insert them through their rectum, gradually reaching the prostate and stimulating it in various ways. Once again, they can be manual or vibrating. The second types have numerous patterns that will help you feel different every time you use it.

The best of them are waterproof, which makes maintenance easy. The premium ones have numerous vibrating patterns that will shake the lower part of your body so good that you’ll quickly forget you have a toy inside your anus. Most are rechargeable with USB ports and are easy to use. Their battery life usually lasts around one hour, which is more than enough for a session or two of pure sensation.

Penis Pumps

Another toy that can help you get and maintain a long-lasting erection is a penis pump. Sure, the name might be silly, but pumps offer an unforgettable penile orgasm. These toys have cups that go over your flaccid penis, and as you begin to pump the air, they make a vacuum. This way, they build up the pressure inside and increase the blood flow in your genitals.

They, too, come in various shapes and sizes. The cup is usually made from acrylic glass that allows you to see your wiener inside. You can choose manual or electric pumps that will do the work for you. Either way, penis pumps are not only great toys for kinky scenarios with your partner, but they’re also a simple yet effective cure for erectile dysfunction.

Supplements and Lubes

Making a list like this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning lubrication and other supplements for better enjoyment. However, it’s not just about pleasure — it’s also about safety and doing it the right way. With the use of lubricants, you get to enjoy your body, toys, and sex with no worries.

All the fun and pleasure these toys bring disappear if you don’t lubricate your body and the toy you’re using. Why? Well, the friction between your skin and the materials can cause severe damage. Therefore, it’s essential to use quality water-based lube while inserting your penis into a penis pump or penetrating yourself with a prostate massager.