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If you are in need of guides for a better orgasm, we have some tricks that will help you. These orgasm tips work great for both solo play and partnered sex, by the way, and you can try them out with your significant other too. 

Enjoy and Slow Down Foreplay

The best way to build up your orgasm is to take your time and enjoy the journey. The faster you go through the process the less enjoyable it will be in the end. Prolonging every single part of your session will improve the grand finale. 


That is why you want foreplay to last. You will get more time to build up the orgasm, and enjoying the journey will increase intensity when the final destination appears on the horizon. One of the most effective methods of increasing the intensity of orgasms is edging, and foreplay is an excellent way to test it. 


The primary idea behind this technique is to get yourself close to the orgasm, only to stop with all types of stimulation just before you come. With each time you delay the orgasm, the intensity will increase. In the end, you will get to experience a mind-blowing orgasm. Of course, this is something you can try out with your partner too. 


Many people forget the importance of foreplay and how it can affect the entire experience. So, instead of rushing things, the best way to enjoy sex is to take your time. 

Minimize Masturbation

Men aren’t blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms. When they reach a climax, there is a refractory period that follows. For some men, the refractory period is half an hour; for others, it is shorter — or a lot longer. We’re talking about the amount of time needed for an individual to sexually perform again. In this case, it means getting an erection, which is pretty much necessary for male orgasms. Well, most of the time. 


But that is just one part of the problem. When you orgasm multiple times, each one will be diminished in comparison with the previous one. Even after the refractory period. So, masturbating will decrease the intensity of the next orgasm. If you want to experience it to the fullest, and test how intense your orgasms can be, the only way to do that is through abstinence. 


Fortunately, you don’t need to spend decades in a monastery to have a powerful orgasm. The exact time can vary from person to person, but it is usually a couple of days that do the trick. At the same time, partnered sex is so much better compared to masturbation. In fact, the brain releases 400% more prolactin following penetration. So, stop playing with yourself for a while, and wait for your partner to have real fun.

Use Chastity Cages

If you have trouble keeping your hands to yourself, there are still a few solutions. The simplest way to ensure that you (or your partner) are not masturbating is to use chastity devices. There are different types of chastity devices you can find, and each offers something different. 


The most obvious difference is in toys designed for males and those meant for females. Male sex toys are usually in the form of a chastity cage that comes with a locking mechanism. The lock is also on devices for girls, but the toy is in the form of a belt instead of a cage. 


Using chastity cages is quite simple. The penis owner should put their penis inside the device, and it will be able to lock it in place. This is also a common toy for power play and BDSM since the dominant partner can “lock” their significant other and deny them pleasure. 


The dominant partner is also the keyholder, and they will dictate when their partner will get to achieve orgasm and have their release. At least in theory. In practice, there is always a spare key for the locked person to use in the case of an emergency. 


Since chastity cages are a type of role-playing, that means that the locked person needs to want to go through the entire process. Otherwise, it is pointless. Chastity cages will allow you to have powerful orgasms once you remove them, and it is a nice way to prevent any type of stimulation before the fun begins. 

Do More Edging

As we mentioned earlier, edging is a powerful technique to increase the intensity of orgasms. You can do it for as long as you like. And the longer you go, the more you will build up the orgasm and ejaculate more in the end.


The only thing you need to worry about is going too far with the edging since every type of stimulation will be intense. As a result, you might not be able to last as long during sex. 


Now, that can’t count as premature ejaculation. The foreplay is the main act for edging, after all. But you can also try it out during sex. The only important thing here is to be in control since pushing it too far will lead to an orgasm. 


The best course of action would be to try it out by yourself, so you can learn more about your body and what feels good. After that, you can easily communicate everything with your partner. 

Explore Anal Play


The final piece of advice we can give you is related to anal play. Sure, many men are into anal sex, but we have something different on our minds. Namely, you will be on the receiving end.


Yes, pegging is an excellent way to explore anal play with your partner. But if you want to try it out alone, you can always use toys like butt plugs and prostate massagers. 


Anal stimulation is a perfect opportunity for you to explore prostate stimulation, and it can lead to powerful orgasms. Furthermore, anal orgasms are known to improve erections, ejaculations, and they lower the risk of developing prostate cancer. 


If you are new to anal play, the most important thing you need to remember is to use lubricants. Water-based lube is a great choice, and it will help you learn more about anal play by making everything go as smooth as possible.