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Living a chastity lifestyle is not well-received by many people. In fact, some may find it insane and unacceptable. However, our team is determined to provide anyone who is looking into this fun lifestyle, including those who have been enjoying it for a long time.

Meet the beautiful people behind

Brando Myers
Founder and editor-in-chief

Bran has been living a permanent chastity lifestyle for 10 years. So, if there is one person who has the authority to give us advice on how to get into it, enjoy, and maintain a healthy life in chastity, then it’s him.

Ysmael Grey

Ysh is always on the lookout for the latest and the kinkiest chastity device in the market. To offer the most honest review of the products, he tries them on himself. He believes that it is the only way he can provide a no-bias review, so people in the community would know which ones to purchase.

Xtina Pang

The good thing about a chastity lifestyle is that you do not live it alone. It always involves your partner. For first-timers, it could be a little challenging to navigate the world of chastity, but Xtina is here to the rescue. She will guide us on how to both of you can enjoy living a life in chastity with her well-written articles that are based on her own experience and our generous community of chastity fans!

Community Contributors:
Nayan Freeman
Skyla Powers
Abigail Corona
Elana Bolton
Bea Hanson
Arielle William
Zubair Rees
Mairead Clay