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We are a team of adult males who started this blog to provide a reliable and valuable source of information about male chastity. For years, we have been annoyed by the ridiculous male fantasies that portray the vast majority of “information” about male chastity. Worse yet, the so-called how-to publications about chastity are also loaded with misinformation. With our experience as a top and our current situation as caged males, we figured the blog would give a real-life view.

We’ve had a very strong interest in Male Chastity for quite some time, and have been personally engaging in the activity for several months. What started as a “solo” thing turned very real for us when we eventually brought it up to our wives, and over time our wives have begun to get on board as our key-holders! In late 2018, we began the process of taking a giant step from cheaper, plastic chastity cages to a custom stainless-steel device, built to our own specific measurements.

We decided to start this blog as a sort of our group “journal” of our experiences at this new level of chastity play. We were very pleasantly surprised to find that within a month of starting it up we already had a several “followers” who are regularly reading our new posts, and quite a lot of views of our blog from several countries around the world!  Who knew, there would be that many people interested in what we have to say, about a very niche topic!

If you have just recently stumbled across our blog and have no idea what male chastity is all about or why anybody might actually want to engage in it (which is one of the most frequent questions that we are asked!), please start check out our previous posts which explains much of our own perspective on the topic.  If you have any other questions besides what was mentioned, always feel free to ask!