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Are you looking for the best prostate massager? Well, prostate massage has long been proven to be effective for sound prostate health. The icing on the cake is that, prostate stimulation will also lead you to the idyllic erotic pleasure. Yes, you can definitely massage your prostate with fingers but prostate massagers assure maximum pleasure. Now, the adult toy market is flooded with scores of prostrate massagers. But here is a catch-not all such massagers will be equally compatible for you. When it comes to something for your internal organs, you must settle with nothing but the best.

The post below offers a brief on how to find the best prostate massagers.

Size matters

Would it be your first time with a prostate massager? Well, in that case, it’s better to go for a small-sized option with thin diameter. When you are just starting out, you should always go for an option that will be easy to be pushed into. Remember, till now your body is not used to feel an external object inside. So, if you start with a larger massager on the first day, it could be painful. Once you get comfortable with a small massager, you can then gradually shift to a larger option.

Mind the shape

The shape of a massager matters even more than its size. It’s the shape of the toy that will define your pleasure level. According to experts, your best bet will be a massager with curved tip and bulbous head. Such massagers assure the deepest penetration to reward you with the best stimulation and bursts of raw pleasure for long. You can use these massagers while making out with your partner as well. A curved tip massager is always more convenient to handle and you will reach to the zenith of pleasure in no time.

Be careful of the material

This is a very important tip to keep in mind while choosing a safe prostrate massager. These massagers are made from a wide range of materials to choose from. But you should be careful to settle with massagers made with non-porous materials only. Porous materials are not as safe as the non-porous counterparts as they can easily break down and leave debris inside the body. They also have a shorter lifespan and can never be cleaned thoroughly. It may lead to growth of bacteria on the toy which can put your health in danger while you use the massager again inside your body. Thus, it’s best to go for a massager which is strictly made from non-porous materials such as – jelly-rubber, jelly, PVC, latex-rubber as well as TPR. On the other hand, non-porous materials are silicone, glass, metals and steel. Beware of them!

Most importantly, make sure your chosen prostrate massager is made from FDA-grade materials only.

Do you want vibration?

Have you ever considered vibration with a prostrate massage? Well, according to experts, if you want the ultimate relaxation and stimulation, try out vibration with massage. Besides, when you wish for optimum hands-free stimulation, the vibration quotient plays a large part. This is why some of the best prostate massagers carry the additional functionality of vibration. It’s better to look for a one that offers vibration with customizable speed. This way, you can start on a slow note and then later peak to a higher speed to escalate the pleasure.

However, if you are not exactly sure, whether you would want vibration with massage, it’s best to settle for options with removable bullet. Try transforming your lovelife with vibrators now!

Easily cleanable

This point is often overlooked but is an important one to consider for the safety of your body.  When you can’t clean a massager properly, it starts accumulating germs and bacteria over time. Now, imagine what will happen to you if you insert that dirty bacteria-laden massager inside your body! The outcome could be dangerous for your health. Thus, it’s smarter to make sure beforehand that your chosen massager can be washed and cleaned easily.

Waterproof massager

A lot of people prefer prostate massage while in shower. If you have similar plans, make sure to go for a massager with waterproof properties. You certainly can’t use metal massagers while bathing as metals are prone to rust. On the other hand, almost all prostate massagers made from non-porous materials are waterproof.

Consider base & handle

What if the massager goes inside and gets stuck? Ohh horrible!

Now, the anus tends to suck in anything that you insert into it. To avoid such mishaps, you should be careful about the base of your massager. Do you wish to keep the massager inside for long without holding it by hand? Well, in that case, you have to go for a prostate massager designed with flared base. The bottom-line is, you have to ensure that the object does not get to sail too deep inside. The flared-base design will be able to prevent such extremities.

However, if you are not really confident of a hands-free approach with the massager, the safest option would be to go for an option with handle. It’s better to start with a handle-equipped option initially and once you get acquainted with the process- you can gradually shift to the hands-free way.

Do you want perineal stimulation?

Many men prefer to enjoy P-spot orgasm with perineal stimulation. This is why some prostate massagers are designed with a little tab into their base to ensure easy perineal stimulation. But then, some men don’t exactly like that. Since it’s your first time with a prostate massager, we can assume, you haven’t tried the two before. But there is a small tip that will help you to understand whether or not you will enjoy perineal stimulation during prostate massage. Just press on your perineal area while having your next sexual session. If you enjoy the feeling, you will love to have to perineal stimulation during prostate massage. If not, then avoid the massagers with the stimulation tab for the perineal zone.

Finally, you should make sure to get a comparative survey on 5-6 potential models before getting a one for you.